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Your Dreams Are Never Stupid

Since I first discovered the world of vlogging I’ve wanted to be a part of it. Since I was 15 years old (I’m now 21) I wanted to have that lifestyle. It’s creative, collaborative, progressive and exhilarating to know that you are forging your future with every decision you make. Whether it’s making a funny clip of you and your friends lip syncing to “Uptown Funk” or you pouring your heart out to the camera, it’s always been something I aspired to.

But no one ever told me I could do it. No one told me I was funny enough, interesting enough or even simply good enough to be like the vloggers I idolised for long. Until recently.

It was nearly a month ago when a friend came to me, kicked me out of my chair, stood me in front of the camera and told me to talk. He told me to get out of my head, not wait for someone to tell me that I was good enough to do it and just do it. Why wait? He said. They might never tell you you’re good enough because they don’t know if you are yet.

That friend was me.

And that’s what I’m trying to say here. I’m not telling you that in the course of a month I’ve become this big time youtuber like my heroes or that I am interesting or funny enough to get the number of views they do that allow them to make vlogging their career. I’m saying that I’m happier for trying.

No one is going to come to you and tell you what your “thing” is. Everyone has something, something that lights a fire in their belly. Something that can scare and excite them all at once.

You need to find it yourself. You need to tell yourself you can do it no matter what it is. What’s your “youtuber”? What’s your thing that’s been in the back of your mind for as long as you can remember? Whatever that secret yearning is, let it out, shout about it, tell people you want it and they might actually give it to you. You never know right? And so you know you’re not alone I’ll do it right now.

Ranald, you want to be a youtuber, so stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and worry about what you think. Go make the videos that make you happy, make something that want to watch and there will be someone else out there who will watch it too. Trust me, you’ll be good at it because you want so badly to be good at it. You’ll be committed to it because you’ve wanted it for so long. You wont be like your heroes because you have to create what speaks to you not copy others, but if you work hard maybe one day you can be in their club.

Work hard and stay happy, your time will come.


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This is a little video about how it feels to discover new music but your friends don’t believe you! Can any of you relate?


I’m Making More!

For me the ring of fire is more metaphorical, the ring of fire is that hot scary feeling I get every time I post on youtube hoping that someone with like my stuff!

Pleaase watch below and let me know if I need to be feeling the fire!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ring of Fire.”