Tiny Homes

For those of you who know me really well you know I have a very strange obsession. I think it started when I was pretty young. My brother and I would take every opportunity to build dens, forts, castles, anything. Any time any place: in my cupboard, in the park, under the bed. You name it I’ve built some sort of den there. Something about having a little space that’s all mine makes me really happy. I’ve never known why but a bedroom just isn’t enough there has to be something else.

When I was about twelve I asked for a platform bed for my birthday. If you don’t know what that is here’s an example.201311_Loft_beds_bunk_beds See the space underneath where the lower bunk bed would go? The place where you aren’t meant to sleep, that’s where I slept. Not at first the novelty of the platform did take a while to wear off but eventually I would put sheets round the outside of the frame and sleep down below in a sort of strange tent. The next birthday I asked for a hammock. Which I duly took off its frame and rigged it up under the bed and slept in it, in the makeshift tent for a while too.

Even at university I nailed a sheet between the walls to separate the room in two. There really was no need. At one point I even created a pulley system out of bulldog clips and string so that I could raise the sheet from my bed when people came into the room.

I know it’s dumb but I love it. Not tiny spaces, not sitting in a cardboard box with the lid closed giggling to myself like a crazy person, nothing like that… Just smaller versions of other things, hence my love of the tiny home.

Imaging living in a totally insulated amazing two-levelled shed with a bed in the rafters, two hobs down below and an adjoining wet room that you get to through a tunnel. Not your cup of tea? I’m not sure it’s many people’s if I’m totally honest but it’s my tea, coffee and everything in between.

So without further a do here are a couple examples of my favourite tiny homes.

This first one is pretty much perfect. largeJust a casual rustic home that’s almost impossible to do a cartwheel in. What else do you need? My only issue here, which I must admit is a problem with all tiny homes, I couldn’t get anyone to live in it with me. Not just logistically but I’m not sure anyone would really want to.

I will admit this next one is more of a holiday home than a permanent residence, but with it’s own crows nest and panoramic bedroom windows it would be hard to leave. floating-tiny-house-5I think there are a lot of you out there who would happily spend a holiday weekend in here? A Few beers in the crow’s nest, a barbeque on the deck then lie in bed with the stars above you? Am I still not selling it to you? What if I told you these tiny homes are some of the most eco friendly in the world with miniature carbon footprints. Homes so well insulated that just one person’s body heat can keep the whole place toasty warm. And if you’re lucky enough to have someone in there with you’d probably have to open a window it’s so warm.

But I know what your thinking. I cant live like that; I’m a city kid with big dreams of the high powered job, corner office and awesome perks. Never fear, you don’t have to sacrifice your young professional lifestyle and move to the middle of a lake, a studio flat can still be a tiny home. And a pretty big part of me is desperate to move to London and immediately move into a class studio. Ideally I want a bathroom big enough for a bath, a sweet ass mezzanine level for my bed and an open plan kitchen living room.

Something like this, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for, but then again with a flat like this fetching a price tag of £450 a week, maybe I’ll settle for a real flat after all.PhotoRepro: 0 PhotoRepro: 1PhotoRepro: 2PhotoRepro: 3Retouch:  Conny O


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