What Makes the Modern Man?

One thing I’d love to do is to meet a man from 1914 and have a simple conversation. I’d like to know what his reaction to me would be. Would he even recognise me as “a man”. The men of 1914 were different. A lot were soldiers or soon to become soldiers. They didn’t have the opportunities that I have. But the most important difference in my head is the responsibility. Very few men my age are thinking about getting married but in 1914 a lot of 21 year olds would have been, they were on the brink of supporting a family.

But a lot has changed since 1914, for the better I hasten to add. The women of 1914 didn’t have the same choice as they do now, they were forced to rely on men, giving men the control when it came to choosing a life partner. Not anymore. In the light of #HeForShe I thought I’d take a moment to think about how feminism effects men in relationships. What’s expected of a man my age?

Man-CryingShould we cry? I think the consensus on this one is probably yes. Lads if you can’t cry then you’ve don’t have any emotions, you’re dead inside. I’m not saying cry a lot, but I reckon if you shed a tear when Mufasa dies or when you break your leg thats alright. So feel free to cry if you’re sad, don’t force it though, if you really are a robot then I guess that’s cool too it probably doesn’t matter that much.

Should we be ambitious? Yes be ambitious, don’t assume your dreams are bigger than hers because they almost certainly aren’t. In fact they aren’t more important stop being so sexist. So have some ambition, just don’t be an ass about it. But if you’ve not got any then just be happy.

6a00d834515c5f69e2014e5f76114e970c-800wiShould we pay for dinner? This is a tough one. And I’m not sure on the rules. I’ve been in a relationship for nearly three years now so the rules have sort of changed but I tend to go by the rule that if the date is purely my idea and I’ve asked her, I’ll pay. Maybe pay on a first date, if not for the whole date then at least pay for something, get the dinner and split the drinks. You’re a gentleman but you’re a modern man too, you don’t have to be made of money she can maker her own. But you know if she wants to pay for you that’s alright.

How long can I take to get ready? Again this is a tough one. I have friends who will take upwards of half an hour including shower, shave, blow dry and outfit choice. To me this seems like a lot, I’ll shower, shave and change in five minutes if I need to but girls don’t seem to be judging the guys who need some time. So I would advise to keep it to half an hour max, fair enough look pretty, but no girl wants you to take longer to get ready than she does. Or maybe she does I don’t really know.

How many pairs of shoes can I own? As many as you like, people really don’t care stop worrying about such trivial things and focus on the big issues of the world. Hunger, drought, the energy dilemma.

And finally, can I be a feminist? Yes, just yes. I don’t even want to explain this one. Yes you can be, in fact you should be.

I think what all this boils down to is that everything makes up the modern man. You don’t have to be one thing or another, all the unsolicited advice above means nothing, you can act however you like, it’s the twenty-first century. I’m not sure this post is as helpful as I intended it to be. But either way, good luck out there men of today, go forth and flourish as feminists.



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