I Don’t Know How To Be Creative…

I love to be creative, I can’t draw but I’m always doodling, every piece of paper I touch is either rolled up perfectly or folded into an origami bird or triangle shape. I regularly make up limericks about people I know in my head, I write short stories about everything from loosing my mobile phone to waking up with wings one morning. I’ve even written a short novel about a postman’s grandson (I promise it is exactly as interesting as it sounds).IMG_0629

So when I say I don’t know how to be creative… I’m lying. I don’t know how to be creative for money. I see all these amazingly creative people like Charlie McDonnell, Jenna Marbles, Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, Lena Dunham living this creative lifestyle. From you tubers and bloggers to directors, actors and writers, how do these people do it? How have they crafted these seemingly perfect lives for themselves out of just their own creativity?

I’ve always wanted to write since I was really small, I remember forcing my mum to take the “book” I had written — it was about an owl that fell out of a tree and had to find its way home — to work with her so she could get it bound. I still have that little book by the way. All illustrations are done by 7 year old me and the handwriting is just short of terrible (RRP $39.95 where all good books are sold). Since then my tenacity for all things creative hasn’t ebbed a bit. I’m still craving that kind of life.

The sort of life where you get up early and sit comfortably in your favourite chair sipping coffee and catching up with the news. Maybe an hour or so later you go for a run, perhaps on a beach, then it’s about half past 9 – green tea and scrambled eggs time. After that I’d head to the office. I’d walk in to shouts of “hey dude” and “how was your weekend?” I’d, of course, have some amazing stories to tell about some band my girlfriend and I went to see before heading to this after hours secret bar where we met some celebrity. Not like a Jay Z and Beyonce standard celebrity but someone cool and zeitgeist-y. Like Aubry Plaza. Me and my girlfriend met Aubry Plaza and Chris Pratt in an after hours bar in LA and now the whole cast of Parks and Recreation are coming round for dinner next week, I’m making paella.the-back-of-the-house

I guess then it would be time for some work. My job is something collaborative and creative like a copy writer for a boutique advertising agency or writer for a critically acclaimed comedy show with a small audience. I finish work around 8 o’clock at night after having fresh sushi delivered to the office. I then get in my car and drive home to my little house on the beach. I chill out by my fire pit with a glass of single malt listening to an audiobook while my girlfriend relaxes beside me researching topics for her next magazine article. Life is good and I am happy.51509989457549473g90Eq9GWc

Is that too aspirational? Maybe I’ve been watching too much television… To me that’s my perfect creative life. But I want to know how to get there, can anyone reading this help? Can you sort me out with a US visa? Because Scottish weather really messes with my idealistic vision. Can you get me a job as a comedy writer or as a sort of hippie version of Don Draper? Can we go house hunting together to find this magical beach residing fire pit having dwelling place?

Is it really all too much to ask for? I hope not…


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