Lessons I’ve Learned in 21 Years

When I turned 21 I proudly announced “I am a man now.” as if being that one day older was going to remarkably change my outlook on life.

I thought to myself, at 21 I’ll be smart, I’ll be successful, god damn it I’ll be a man.

Well… no, not really. It’s been a few months since I realised that was ridiculous but what I have realised that while being 21 doesn’t change anything, having those 21 years under my belt does. I’m by no means perfect but I think I’ve learnt a fair bit in my time and I’d like to try my hand at passing on those lessons. So here goes.


Lesson one, if a t shirt has a picture of a girl on it, don’t buy it. It’s not a good idea. No one is going to see you in the t shirt and think wow that dude is so cool, I wonder where he got that shirt from? We know you bought it in top man because it was the newest one they had. We’ve seen six guys swagger past in that shirt already today. Put your money to better use and buy 3 plain coloured ones for the same price.

Lesson two, try to like olives, apparently you have to try them 14 times before you really like them. I promise you once you do — you won’t look back, olives are the shit. Plus when they give you olives in a restaurant and you’re starving you won’t have to sit there jealously watching other people chow down. olives-cropped

Lesson three, no one cares that you have or have not got a six pack as much as you do. Remember that when you’re denying yourself a Subway or trying a crash “all protein no carb dude diet” or god forbid taking your shirt off in a club. Only one person really cares and that’s you. Do with that information what you will, but I think it’s important to know.

Lesson four, if you care about something and your good at it people won’t make fun of you for it, and if they do there not great people and you should probably stop interacting with them. If you play orchestral violin or darts to a really high level you don’t have to hide it or apologise for putting your whole self into it. Just do it, people that are worth spending any time on either won’t care or will be proud of you.

Lesson five, this was something my mother actually said to me. If you make a donkey out of yourself, people will ride on your back. It’s not selfish when you’re at work to think, “What’s in it for me?” Don’t be a selfish person but make sure that people aren’t taking advantage of you. If you have to stay in the office to help a co-worker with a project until midnight and then they aren’t going to even give you any credit for your help, don’t do it. You’ll be tired and frustrated the next day, still frustrated the day after, and then behind on your own work the day after that. So if you stayed late on the Tuesday it’s going to take you until Saturday to be fully happy with your workplace again. And lets face it your Monday was probably only okay so you’ve essentially wasted the working week and what’s the point in that? You spend so much time there you may as well like it at least a little.chocolate-jenny-donkey-51b8be62b5073

Lesson six, there is no such thing as a “morning person”. We can all be morning people if we get up before noon and do something with the day. Even if it takes 4 coffees to do so. I find green tea works pretty well too.


So there you have it, I hope it was informative and maybe even interesting. I might post some more unimportant things I’ve learned soon.


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