I’ve Been Writing Again

So I’ve been a little quiet. I am sorry if this has bothered you in any way, I of course in my head think that it has bothered many of you. There’s something so selfish about the human condition that makes all of us think that everyone else is waiting for us. That’s the reason why we all apologise so very profusely when we walk in late to a party. “Oh my god I am so sorry I’m late, I missed my train then there wasn’t another one for an hour because it’s a Sunday then I fell and got mud on my jeans so I had to find a bathroom to wipe it off then another bathroom where there was a low enough hand drier for me to dry my knee without taking off my trousers! It’s been a whole big thing but really I’m so sorry I’m late!”

We take a breath after that outburst and wait for the customary “Oh no problem I’m so happy you could make it!” and of course they are happy. But… they haven’t been waiting for you, life is not a movie where you are the main character and so nothing can happen without you. A lot can happen without you. Most things happen without you. In life the host is really thinking “why are you interrupting my conversation? I hadn’t even noticed you were late…”4069093+_828886a2089e466decf88505a1e2963c

What am I trying to say here? I guess what I mean is that I know you are all the main character in your own little movie lives, I know my absence from the blogosphere hasn’t affected you in any great way but either way I’m sorry. Because to me it has. To me you have been sitting at your computers every few days refreshing my page hoping for a new crappy little post. If you have that’s great and I of course love you for it but I doubt any of you have.

But incase you have been wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been up to I’ve been writing. First I wrote an essay for university on comparable revolutions in history. It was boring. Very boring. After that I finished my dissertation which is this 10,000 word article you have to write to get a degree in most British university courses. After that I wrote I pilot script for a TV show that I call “Orchard Boy”, it’s a half hour comedy in the realm of HBO’s Girls and Channel Four’s Skins. I’m really happy with it and I think I might enter it into some competitions. I don’t think I’ll win or anything but I just want someone to read it. I may even publish it on here at some point. But I’ve decided to let it lie for a month and then go back to it to make my final edits. Since then I’ve started a new book, it’s better than the last one. I’m proud of “Postal Service” because it’s the first major thing I’ve ever written but I wouldn’t say It was well written. I hope this one will be better.

But I promise to try and post more, it’s the holidays after all I’ve no excuse!


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